EEI member companies are committed to serving their customers and providing an increasingly seamless experience for all types of customers when it comes to meeting their energy needs. The EEI Customer Solutions teams focus on working with EEI member companies to enhance energy services and solutions for national corporate, military, and residential customers. The team also facilitates EEI member engagement in partnerships and strategic collaboration with national corporate and military customers on energy-related issues.

Key Focus Areas

Customer Solutions Highlights

Electric Transportation Benefits Customers, Communities, and the Environment

Electricity is a domestically produced transportation fuel that will transform our nation’s transportation sector. Today, the technology and infrastructure exist to promote transportation applications that move both people and goods using electricity as a fuel. This new generation of electric transportation will help the nation enter an era of clean transportation and reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Diversifying the transportation sector’s fuel mix also will enhance U.S. energy and economic security.

Institute for Electric Innovation

The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation focuses on advancing the adoption and application of new technologies that will strengthen and transform the power grid. IEI's members are the investor-owned electric utilities that represent about 70 percent of the US electric power industry. The membership is committed to an affordable, reliable, secure, and clean energy future.

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Staff Contacts

  • Philip J. Dion
    Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions
  • Adam Cooper
    Managing Director, Customer Solutions; and Executive Director, Institute for Electric Innovation
  • Steve Kiesner
    Senior Director, National Customer Solutions
  • Kellen Schefter
    Senior Director, Electric Transportation