For more than four decades, EEI's Business Diversity Program (formerly Supplier Diversity) has created opportunities for diverse businesses to take part in the growth of the electric power industry. EEI and its members aim to establish long-term relationships with diverse suppliers who provide products and services that help the industry succeed in a highly competitive environment. EEI's membership continues to build close alliances with diverse suppliers, knowing that a business practice today will impact business development tomorrow.

Our mission is to provide guidance and leadership to members using a dynamic 360º vision, managing a myriad of needs and sustaining full industry alignment in a changing business environment.

Why Is Business Diversity Important?

A common misconception is that diversity is a quota system or social program designed to benefit selected groups while adding little to no value to the bottom-line. The fact is that a competitive advantage exists, as progressive organizations who have already implemented an effective strategy have realized. Business diversity is beneficial to all stakeholders, not just to the companies with programs. Business diversity programs help foster jobs and economic activity in under-represented segments of the business and customer community. Inclusive procurement practices provide opportunities for diverse businesses, that in turn provide greater representation, employment, and economic advancement for minority, women, veteran, small business concerns, and LGBT communities.

The Commitment to Business Diversity benefits the energy industry by:

  • Promoting innovation through the entrance of new products, services, and solutions
  • Providing multiple channels to procure goods and services.
  • Showcasing a company‚Äôs commitment to the economic growth of all communities

Business Diversity Company Profiles

Supplier Diversity Classifications and Definitions


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EEI Annual Business Diversity Conference

The Business Diversity Conference, through the use of panels and other forums, outlines public policy trends in the industry and discusses how they impact energy operations including business diversity programs and business opportunities for suppliers. In addition to public policy discussions, EEI holds business diversity-specific breakout sessions. A segment of the conference is dedicated to connecting suppliers and the energy industry for brief one-on-one meetings. Suppliers are able to schedule appointments with energy companies to pitch their business capabilities.

EEI Business Diversity Best Practices Meeting

The Best Practices meeting is a workshop for energy industry members working in supply chain, supplier diversity, procurement, and other associated areas. Traditionally during this meeting representatives from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the General Services Administration (GSA) update participants on new government regulations and reporting requirements. Additionally, energy industry members share best practices and provide feedback regarding major topics of interest.

Business Diversity Executive Advisory Committee

EEI Meetings

EEI Economic Impact Study on Supplier Diversity Initiatives

This study presents a quantitative snapshot of the aggregated economic benefits derived from the business diversity initiatives of EEI’s members and industry partners. Detailed examination of economic impact data and findings fortify the supplier diversity business case, corroborate return on investment, and underscore the favorable economic ripple effects of spending with diverse suppliers. These results are pivotal and align with the industry’s social responsibility commitments and core values.

Growing Communities through Supplier Diversity: An Economic Impact Study on Supplier Diversity Initiative (2019 data)

Economic Impact Methodology

Supplier Diversity Impact Study Cover