EEI builds partnerships that promote diversity, encourage growth, and advance the industry. As part of that mission, EEI has developed numerous programs and workshops for its members and their customers.

Business Diversity Program

For more than four decades, EEI's Business (formerly Supplier Diversity) Diversity Program has created opportunities for diverse businesses to take part in the growth of the electric power industry. EEI and its members aim to establish long-term relationships with diverse suppliers who provide products and services that help the industry succeed in a highly competitive environment. EEI's membership continues to build close alliances with diverse suppliers, knowing that a business practice today will impact business development tomorrow.


Formed in March 2006, the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) is a non-profit consortium of electric, natural gas and nuclear utilities and their associations: the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), American Gas Association (AGA), Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

CEWD was formed to help utilities work together to develop solutions to the coming shortage of skilled workforce in the utility industry. It is the first partnership between utilities, their associations, contractors, and unions to focus on the need to build a skilled workforce pipeline that will meet future industry needs.

Get Into Energy

Get Into Energy (GIE) was designed and launched by the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD), a non-profit organization. CEWD’s goal is to build awareness among students, teachers, military veterans, transitioning workers, and others about the fantastic career opportunities available in the energy industry.

National Key Accounts

EEI's National Key Accounts is a customer-oriented program where leading multi-site customers and electric utility account representatives collaborate to develop efficient energy management strategies that can be integrated into facilities nationwide.

National Labor and Management Public Affairs Committee (LAMPAC)

The Edison Electric Institute, together with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), created the National LAMPAC—the national labor and management public affairs committee—to bring together energy company executives and leaders from IBEW to advance the common objectives of the electric power industry and IBEW members.

The Edison Foundation

The Edison Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of electricity to families, businesses, and industries worldwide.

Furthering Thomas Alva Edison's spirit of invention, the Edison Foundation works to encourage a greater understanding of the production, delivery, and use of electric power to foster economic progress; to ensure a safe and clean environment; and to improve the quality of life for all people.

The Edison Foundation provides knowledge, insight, and leadership to achieve its goals through research, conferences, grants, and other outreach activities.

The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI)

The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI) focuses on advancing the adoption and application of new technologies that will strengthen and transform the power grid. IEI's members are the investor-owned electric utilities that represent about 70 percent of the US electric power industry. The membership is committed to an affordable, reliable, secure, and clean energy future.

IEI promotes the sharing of information, ideas, and experiences among regulators, policy makers, technology companies, thought leaders, and the electric power industry. IEI also identifies policies that support the business case for the adoption of cost-effective technologies.

IEI is governed by a Management Committee of electric industry Chief Executive Officers. In addition, IEI has a Strategy Committee made up of senior electric industry executives and a select group of technology companies on its Technology Partner Roundtable.

Utilities Solid Waste Activity Group (USWAG)

The Utilities Solid Waste Activity Group (USWAG) is responsible for addressing waste, byproduct and chemical management and transportation issues on behalf of the utility industry. Formed in 1978, USWAG members include over 130 utility operating companies, power producers, energy companies and industry associations, including the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), the American Public Power Association (APPA), and the American Gas Association (AGA).

USWAG's core mission is to support the industry's efforts to comply with federal environmental regulations, protect the environment and serve its customers. As part of that effort, USWAG engages in regulatory advocacy, regulatory analysis and compliance assistance, and information exchange pertaining to CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, and HMTA.

Utilities United Against Scams

Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) is a consortium of more than 130 U.S. and Canadian electric, water, and natural gas utilities (and their respective trade associations). UUAS is dedicated to combating impostor utility scams by providing a forum for utilities and trade associations to share data and best practices, in addition to working together to implement initiatives to inform and protect customers.

Veterans Programs

Troops to Energy Jobs

Troops to Energy Jobs is a program that connects our nation's military veterans to rewarding energy careers. The program provides a roadmap for entry into skilled utility and engineering programs in the energy industry.

Veterans in Energy

Veterans in Energy is national employee resource group that provides transition, retention and professional development support to military veterans working in energy. Veterans in Energy will provide opportunities for outreach, networking, and mentoring to support the needs of the growing population of veterans who have chosen energy careers.

We Stand For Energy

We Stand For Energy includes Americans from all walks of life working together to support a reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy future for everyone. Electricity powers our everyday lives, strengthens our economy and drives innovation. That’s why we all deserve a greater voice in the energy policies that affect all of us.

Meeting America’s growing need for electricity, today and tomorrow, will require smart energy solutions that ensure electricity remains reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean.